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Mercredi 5 Octobre 2022
Brides sans mors

The &Partners-Pro Bitless Bridle

A new kind of bridle that delivers improved communication and on the aids, conflict free collection and balance.

The key advantage of the &Partners-Pro® bridle over other bitless bridles resides in its design which allows the bridle cheekpieces to shorten when the rider exerts a direct, lateral sliding traction on the reins. This allows the rider to have a simultaneous action on the nose, under the chin and on the poll of the horse and to distribute the bridle pressure over the entire head of the horse.
The semi-rounded noseband is crafted from soft and supple natural leather. The seam is located on the top of the noseband to prevent stitches from rubbing the horse’s nose.

The &Partners-Pro bitless bridle is suitable for all styles and levels of riding, from dressage to pleasure to reining and more. It is a gentle tool to help riders teach their horses how to position and balance themselves allowing them to respond to the rider's aids immediately, and perform all movements and gaits with ease and accuracy.
The &Partners-Pro bitless bridles are made of quality vachetta leather and are appropriate for Double Ponies, Arabs, Quarter Horses, Appaloosas, Paint Horses, Warmbloods, Baroque horses and more.

Rein length : 2,80 or 3,00 m / Stainless steel fittings / Color : natural
Sold with a 100g jar of Graisse Paulin. A natural leather conditioning product that supples, maintains and weatherproofs leather.

98,00 €

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